This is the hardest thing to write about.  For me anyway.  I have lots of things to say.  But it also has to be worth reading, ya know?  I am wife to one, Mama to a passel, Ganzy to two fine boys and two lovely girls.  I love to bake, sew, craft, spend time with my family.  Most of the time my family would tell you I’m mad as a hatter…but in a good way. 

If you play in the dirt, nurture your family, support other women, respect the Earth, listen to your inner voice, walk your talk, speak your mind, practice tolerance…if you are a creator, friend, activist, homekeeper…this is the place for you.

I am a little more than SuziHomemaker and NotQuiteJuneCleaver. A wife and mother for 44+ years I have worn many hats in the past four decades. Wife, mother, gardener, writer, teacher, baker, butcher, candlestick maker! I have co-owned and operated a catering business called Kneadful Things with my daughters and mother. I have owned and operated a very successful soapmaking business. I have self-published two cookbooks, Christmas Traditions (reprint coming soon) and NotQuiteJuneCleaver Bakes a Pie available on amazon.com and one soapmaking manual, Soapmaking 101 (out of print at present). I am from a family of extraordinary cooks, and married into a family of extraordinary cooks so the subject of food will come up often. 

I don’t know exactly why I need to revise this blog. Maybe its that whole “everybody’s STILL doing it” kind of thing. I have things to say…but nothing terribly urgent.  I can always figure out something to talk about. I am all about being at home. In my cozy little house at the end of the street. My best days are when I don’t leave this place. We recently bought this house and are in the middle of a kitchen remodel as I write this.  I am a former country girl and I have fond memories of that life but here we are in the city. We haven’t named this house but we will – I am sure of it.  This is where I write, sew, cook play in the dirt, though not on the grand scale of my previous life.

I have goals in life. Though at my age I must admit to revamping that area of my life many times. I have such a cushy, easy life it’s hard to want more, to be more. I am content…happy…fulfilled…I love and I feel loved. Of course, there are hard times and heartaches but the good in my life far outweighs any of that. I do enjoy what I do…what I am.

If I had to do something besides what I do…or better yet in addition to what I do, it would be to write a book or two or five about all sorts of things. Food…sewing…keeping…gardening. Yeah, I know it has all been done. But maybe not from my perspective.

So this blog will be my new starting point. Favorite recipes, household helps, gardening, making things, family life and all things witchy! Maybe I will even tell you all about the women in my family and their card reading, premonitions and all manners of crafting. They never hid their light under a bushel ~ they owned it.  They were fierce and forces to be reckoned with.  I hope I am even a little like them. And I promise to try and be real with you at all times.  

There is immeasurable value in what I do and I won’t ever believe otherwise.

Happy to have you visit my home on the web. I LOVE for you to leave comments on my entries. But because of huge amounts of spam and petulant comments left in the past, each comment is read by me before being approved. I try to visit several times a day and approve waiting comments so be patient with me, please. Thanks again for taking the time to peruse my blog.

Please visit often!